Product care / Use


Products sold by MERLINS LTD are collectors items for adults they are NOT toys and are not suitable for children under 14 years old

IMPORTANT - Please check before you purchase that you are NOT allergic to Latex as Latex masks may cause an allergic reaction. 

Please discontinue use at once if you have an allergic reaction  

1. If your mask is creased hard or flattened you can bring the mask back to its original shape by carefully using warm air (IE: Hair dryer) or warm water (IE: Steam)

2. Clean the inside and outside of the mask carefully with soapy water using paper towels. This will help remove any residual sweat and skin oils, which break down latex over time.

3. Rinse off any residual soap with clean water.

4. Dry the mask with paper towels. Do not use terrycloth towels; they can leave fibres behind.

5. Apply a light dusting of baby powder to the inside and outside of the mask to absorb any moisture in the air before it can affect the mask.

6. Brush out any tangles in the hair on the mask with a pick comb, starting at the bottom and working your way to the top. Do not pull too hard with the comb or you can rip the hair out of the mask.

7. Put a Styrofoam head into the mask to help it keep its shape.

8. You may need to cut breathing holes in the mouths or nostrils of some masks to enable eating or drinking.

9. Packing the mask inside will create a more comfortable fit on some larger or character masks that are large or oversized.

10. Display your mask in an area out of direct sunlight, or place it in a plastic bag and store in a dark, dry place, because light makes the mask deteriorate quicker.

11. Foam latex masks are thin so be very careful when taking on or off. Foam latex masks are not manufactured for long periods of use and will deteriorate a lot quicker than usual latex masks, this is a natural and unavoidable natural proccess.

Halloween masks are usually made of either soft latex rubber or Latex (Do not wear if you are allergic to either), both materials are flexible, but over time, they will become brittle and tear, this is a natural and unavoidable natural proccess


(Commercial use and other than private use must be requested in advance )