Killer Clowns

Killer Clowns

Killer Klowns horror masks from the cult 1988 American science fiction horror comedy movie  The film is about a race of aliens who resemble evil clowns that arrive on Earth to harvest people for food. 

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Old clown Shorty horror clown mask

Product no.: 00984

This is old clown mask made of High Quality Latex with excellent detail  showing a wicked clown worthy as a collectors piece

In stock

Dexter the Clown Horror mask - Halloween

Product no.: 00162

Being a dead clown is no joke. This hideous Halloween corpse clown mask will scare the life out of you while screaming his sinister laugh.

In stock

Crazy jack JOKER Realistic fit - Realistic clown Mask

Product no.: 01481

This Realistic fit Joker mask is flexible so that it moves realistically along with your facial expressions creating that realistic look

In stock

Art the clown mask - official TERRIFIER horror movie

Product no.: 01483

This amazing latex mask is a perfect version of the make-up worn by Art the clown in the Cult Classic horror movie TERRIFIER