Michael Myers

Michael Myers

Michael Myers

A selection of Michael Myers horror masks from the Halloween movies where Michael terrorised his home town of Haddonfield when he escaped from the Smith's Grove Sanitarium

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New Myers mask Halloween II - Michael Myers

Product no.: 01011


New Halloween II Michael Myers mask

Product no.: 01901


Michael Myers Halloween mask - Halloween

Product no.: 00071

Usual price . . £49.99

New Halloween 2018 Michael Myers Mask

Product no.: 01462


New Halloween Myers Resurrection Horror Mask

Product no.: 01190


New Halloween II Myers horror face mask

Product no.: 01012


New Myers mask H2O - Halloween mask

Product no.: 01191


New Michael Myers mask Halloween 2

Product no.: 01005


New Halloween mask - Curse of Michael Myers

Product no.: 01122


New Halloween II Blood and tears Myers mask

Product no.: 01010


Michael Myers halloween horror mask

Product no.: 00407